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You know how Anthro and Modcloth have these quirky names for their clothes like : The bicycle dress, or Color Me Blue dress, or High Tea in the Afternoon dress (those names I just made up for fun but you get the gist)? Well, I have a name for my skirt. It’s called the 3 month skirt. Why the 3 month skirt you ask? Well, frankly because it’s taken me 3 months to make this blankety blank skirt! Actually that’s not completely accurate.  I never added a snap or hooks to the waistband so technically it’s still unfinished.

The start of the 3 month skirt: Skirt front with pleats pinned

I inserted an invisible zipper! I was so nervous about doing it I practiced like 3x on a muslin. 🙂

It should have been simple enough, except, I forgot what my sewing teacher told me about ease and slightly round hems and putting in an invisible zipper and… well, almost everything! It was supposed to be such a pleasurable experience but it most certainly was not.  I cut the cloth down a lot and took in the sides. When I finally thought I was having some level of success, I couldn’t figure out how not to make the hem pucker. The only solution I could think of was to sew it with bias tape (ummm). Anyway, it will do I suppose but the thing is, it’s fall. This skirt was made IN summer FOR summer and now it’s fall (autumn is a much prettier word though, isn’t it? I digress…). Oh well, I did learn some valuable lessons and sewing this skirt led me to sewing blogs so alas all is well with the world! What a wonderful, WONDERFUL addicting world it is too.  If I had discovered sewing blogs several years ago, I would probably a ridiculously fabulous seamstress by now. Well, perhaps not but still, a girl can dream 🙂

The outside of the zipper. It’s really invisible! Kinda…