Why have I not posted anything since February?  Hmmm, well, let see;- um, life happened. LOL. Anyway, I have not one but TWO completed projects that I’m super proud of! This post  is  about  the Vogue 1314 Tracy Reese knit dress. I’ll do another post on my gathered skirt.  So let’s get into details. I’ve had this Tracy Reese pattern for over a year I’m guessing. It wasn’t on my mind until I saw the version that Mimi G sewed on her blog. ( I can’t get the link to the actual dress but the post is dated August 20,2012). I realized I had the pattern and thought it seemed like an easy project to do. I should mention that easy things take me forever to complete and hard things. This was my first time working with knit fabric. I didn’t have a serger at the time and this fabrics cut edge was seriously curling up on me. I did a little research and realized it would sew better with a stabilizer. The pattern calls for stay tape which helped. I think my material was a little too stretchy though.   I liked it without sleeves but added the sleeves just so I could follow the pattern exactly. I thought it would be a good experience.  It was!  I learned the new skills of how to sew ruching, long sleeves and a neck facing  thanks to this project. It took me about 2 weeks to make this dress- because I’m  so S-L-O-WWWWW . I took my time and did a little bit every few days. There was plenty of seam ripping as well as lots of dirty looks given to my machine. Getting the tension right was torture. I finally gave up and decided a  good enough stitch would have to do.  Overall, I like the dress and I’m proud of myself.

The  pattern instructions were pretty easy and besides getting used to the fabric rolling and stretching  out all over the place, it wasn’t too hard. I wasn’t so fond of the fabric I used for this dress. I feel like if I wear the dress out, I may be mistaken for someone out of the  101 Dalmatians movie but it is ok b/c this fabric was purchased so I could practice sewing with knit fabric. I  didn’t cut both pieces on the fold because I didn’t have enough fabric so there is a center seam down the back. Grrr. Oh well. There is a little pooling of fabric in the back or swayback anddd it’s  a bit clingy for my taste. The biggest concern is that  there is too much ruching which makes my tummy and waist look bigger than they really are. No bueno! I realize I just made that sound so much  worse than it is, actually.   I would  definitely make this dress again with a few changes. First,  think I would reduce the amount of ruching, second, I’d make it sleeveless, third, I’d  use fabric with a little less stretchiness in it and fourth-  use a serger to finish the seams. Did I mention I’m super proud of myself ( boast much?)!! Heh.  I  have to admit, I was close to finishing and just got tired and almost left it as yet another 1/2 finished project.  Something told me to  keep going and not be a quitter. So glad I did!


Vogue 1314
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