I recently finished the full gathered skirt. Yaaay for completed projects! I got this pattern from Gertie’s Blog. You can find the post here. It was fairly easy to make.  Just 2 large rectangles and 1 skinny small one.

When making up the skirt, I thought the first waistband ( made following the instructions exactly)  would be too small after adding seam allowances  so I made a bigger one. That one ended up being too big so I went back to the first one.  I made the skirt out of a heavy navy blue linen. I don’t think that was a good idea because the gathers were bulky and the seams were hard to press flat around the waistband. Also, the fabric stretched (A LOT) while pressing so the skirt ended up being  too big. It also  looks uneven when really it’s just too big and heavy. ARGH.  Despite these issues, I am really proud of the skirt. I plan on sewing another one a tad shorter in a bold floral print ( I’d also love to do it in tafetta like Gertie). I think next time I will try  this tutorial from Coletterie  for the zipper/waistband insertion instead of the one Gertie uses. I want to see if it’s an easier and more professional looking finish. Overall, I’m pleased with the skirt  as this was my first time making it. I probably won’t wear it much though because it’s simply too big and I don’t have the heart to pick it apart and start over.

Let’s throw a party! Cuz why you ask? Well, this was the first  time  I used my new serger! ( Suuuper excited -can you tell?). I purchased  a Brother 1034D  and so far I lurves it. I’m scared as all get- out to change the thread so yes, my seams are finished with the rainbow colored thread the machine came with! Haha.

Full, Gathered Skirt

Front View. You can see the fabric was too heavy/loose as the waistband is sagging down in the front.

Full, Gathered Skirt

The zipper- Somehow the iron stretched out the waistband so it’s not completely even. Bulkiness prevented me from making the top of the zipper invisible.

Full, Gathered Skirt

Full view of the zipper. Mostly ok except for the waistband.

Full, Gathered Skirt

(I love how my face looks so confused/concerned here!  Ha). Had about an inch of extra room in the waistband.

Full, Gathered Skirt

Back view

I think for the first time and wrong fabric choice that it was not bad! I wore it to work that day and got several compliments before ever telling anyone I made it!  😉 I know, so tacky.  😛

 I’m ready for my next project!- perfecting the fit on shift dress with princess seams. Stay tuned for an update.