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I finished this skirt several weeks ago, just didn’t get a chance to photograph it til now. It is my second make of the Full Gathered Skirt Tutorial from Gertie’s Blog.  I’m pretty pleased with how it came out. After wearing it all day, I noticed the waist was still gaping a little at the front similar to how the waist gaped in the first iteration of the skirt (here) but not as bad. This is weird because when I first tried it on, I thought the waistband was just a tad too tight. After being in the skirt all day ( walking, sitting, lounging), I can say that is held up pretty well. It kept me pretty cool in the hot weather. I originally got the fabric from B&J Fabric in NY lat year and I believe its cotton. As far as new skills I learned:

  • I learned to thread my SERGER!  ( All of the rainbow colored thread the machine came with ran out leaving me in complete panic. LOL. Thank you youtube for helping me b/c the DVD tutorial was COMPLETELY useless. Brother, you should be ashamed. Very ashamed).
  • Improved upon my catchsticth for the hem
  • Improvised the pattern with a limited amount of fabric
  • I’m closer to perfecting the invisible zipper
  • I tried a new waistband technique in which encloses the zipper in the waistband at the back. I got the tutorial here. I really like this technique and think it makes the skirt look more professional.
  • I got better with lining up seams
  • My serging got better ( I serged all seams and bottom of the garment)
  • I stitched in the ditch for the waistband.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with myself! Next up is a short set/loungewear that I recently completed. Oh, and I almost forgot- I JUST got my Cambie pattern in the mail and I’m SOOO excited! Stay tuned for more makes 🙂