A few weeks ago I attempted a short set/lounge wear from some unidentifiable knit material I had hanging around. It needed to go to make room for the fabulous new eyelet material I just got from fabricmart. Can I tell you that I LURVES it??!! :-).

OK,back to the short set:

Anyhoo, So I used Simplicity  pattern  2317. I thinK I cut the smallest or next to smallest size.   I immediately ran into several problems:

  1. The shorts were entirely too short for my liking so I attempted to make them longer ( they ended up slightly uneven)
  2. The tee, as cut, was too big in the chest area. I guess I thought b/c it was knit, it would conform to my body. It did not.
  3. The crotch is too short! UGGGG.  ( I think the last time I attempted pants or shorts of any kind was in high school and I can see why now.
  4. I had trouble with the elastic waistband. I may or may not have cut the wrong size elastic. Who can tell? Regardless, it could have been  much looser. I followed the pattern measurements and instructions ( albeit loosely) but I can’t figure out if I need to use a different pattern or if it really was my error.

There were more problems but those were the major ones. Even so, I washed them several times, put them in the dryer ( what was I thinking? Now they are even shorter. Oye.) and wore them.  Anyway, I wore them all day a few days ago and as long as I was sitting, everything was comfy but that dern crotch gave me the blues. I’m still glad I made it. It felt good learning new skills. I will definitely attempt this again as I need more comfortable loungewear.

Skills  I learned:

  • How to make a mock fly
  • Sewing a crotch for shorts
  • Working with a different type of knit ( this material unraveled very easy and did not have a ton of give- IDK what type of knit it was).
  • I learned that I should serge all my pieces up front regardless of what type of garment it is. You’ve probably gathered that I did not do this :-/.
  • How to make a racerback tee.

I will probably keep wearing the top even though it’s a little too big. The shorts tho? Err, prolly only as a last resort :-).

Have you made loungewear before?