I made a shift dress!


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I like it overall! The hem is kinda messy but  IDK what could have been done about that. A smaller hem I guess. I got a lot of compliments on the dress though, so I’d say it’s a good start. 😀

I made a shift dress back in September and am just now getting around to posting about it. I’m so proud of myself! After taking sewing classes for about 1.5 years, I was scared to sew something without the help of a teacher, especially with  fitting. A friend asked me to be an usher in her wedding and I was not having success finding a lavender dress in September so decided to sew one. Honestly, I didn’t feel like sewing a dress under such a time crunch but because I didn’t have a ton of money to spend on more expensive dresses online, I kinda had no choice! It looks cute on no? The picture in no way reflects the weeping and gnashing of teeth involved in the making of this dress. Heh.

I cut out my size in New Look 6968  The bust fit perfect but the neck and armholes were too tight and the skirt was too small. I kept adjusting things not really  knowing what I was doing.  I was majorly frustrated ya’ll. EIGHT (8!!) muslins later ,I finally had a decent fit. I was fit to be tied, no pun intended. 🙂  Matching up the darts and seams were a total booger especially because I altered the pattern. It was my first time working with satin too. Why did no one tell me I needed a special type of needle for sewing with satin? And really, I didn’t even think through the fact that this fabric is totally the un-pliable and a fray monster.  Aye yi yi!  I probably should  invest in a serger to help with fabric fraying.   I had to sew the invisible zipper 2 times to get it right. I  never got around to adding  the hook  but I otherwise the dress is finished. Yaay me!

What I would do differently:

I think next time I would  sew the zipper straight to the top and forget about hooks. Seems like such a nuisance. I also would have lined it for a better finish instead of using facings and to for a smoother finish/fit.,etc. I have never lined anything completely before and was scared to attempt it. I was also  out of time.  Anyway, it’s done and hopefully I have a trusty sloper now for a shift dress. I better, after all the work I put into it. 😉 Here are pics of the process.

The innards.  Fray city. Overlocker/Serger anyone?

front/side view

Back view . I can’t figure out how to stop all that puckering. Lining? I pressed this thing silly! I didn’t want to burn it. I also don’t think I sewed my zipper close enough to the seam because it’s not completely invisible.

I added grosgrain ribbon for a belt and a brooch for an accent et voila! A shift dress!



My favorite sewing blogs right now

Here are some of my  favorite sewing blogs right now ( in no particular order):


Gerties Blog for better sewing

Miss Celies Pants


Frabjous Couture

The Selfish Seamstress

A Fashionable Stitch



I love all of these blogs in different ways! So glad I stumbled upon them. 🙂

Basically This pain in the neck 3 month skirt had a silver lining in that it led me to the sewing blogoshpere. Oh, and it fits me to a TEE too! tehee! All’s well that ends well      (once I rip out the zipper and finish the hooks). Heh.

The Three Month Skirt


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You know how Anthro and Modcloth have these quirky names for their clothes like : The bicycle dress, or Color Me Blue dress, or High Tea in the Afternoon dress (those names I just made up for fun but you get the gist)? Well, I have a name for my skirt. It’s called the 3 month skirt. Why the 3 month skirt you ask? Well, frankly because it’s taken me 3 months to make this blankety blank skirt! Actually that’s not completely accurate.  I never added a snap or hooks to the waistband so technically it’s still unfinished.

The start of the 3 month skirt: Skirt front with pleats pinned

I inserted an invisible zipper! I was so nervous about doing it I practiced like 3x on a muslin. 🙂

It should have been simple enough, except, I forgot what my sewing teacher told me about ease and slightly round hems and putting in an invisible zipper and… well, almost everything! It was supposed to be such a pleasurable experience but it most certainly was not.  I cut the cloth down a lot and took in the sides. When I finally thought I was having some level of success, I couldn’t figure out how not to make the hem pucker. The only solution I could think of was to sew it with bias tape (ummm). Anyway, it will do I suppose but the thing is, it’s fall. This skirt was made IN summer FOR summer and now it’s fall (autumn is a much prettier word though, isn’t it? I digress…). Oh well, I did learn some valuable lessons and sewing this skirt led me to sewing blogs so alas all is well with the world! What a wonderful, WONDERFUL addicting world it is too.  If I had discovered sewing blogs several years ago, I would probably a ridiculously fabulous seamstress by now. Well, perhaps not but still, a girl can dream 🙂

The outside of the zipper. It’s really invisible! Kinda…


Sewing Inspiration


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New Inspiration from Etsy.

The Etsy shop is called DemestiksNYC


The clothes are so cute! Love the bold print, swing skirt and short sleeves of the  black and white dress. Not really feeling the bow but for a photo shoot it will work. The blouse is just darling! Because I cannot currently afford ( or want ) to spend $130 on a blouse and $200 on this dress,  I am already scheming  of how I can pull something like this off.  With a Sewplaysew style of course. What might that be you ask? I’m so glad you asked! LOL I don’t really know what that means besides it won’t be an exact knockoff :-).

What patterns would you guys use to create these looks?


Hello sewing world!

This is my first entry in my new sewing blog and I’m excited! Inspired by my recent discovery of sewing blogs ( The Selfish Seamtress, Ms Celies Pants, seekatesew,etc.) I decided to start a blog. My intent is really to chronicle my sewing progress and hopefully get some help from other seamstresses as well. I’ve been sewing since I was a little girl but decided to get serious about it 2 years ago. I took a little over a year of sewing classes but now I’m on my own. Welp, here I sew! 🙂